Capture, Create, & Share

Available on the iphone app store


  • Create a Palette from a Photo

    When Inspiration strikes, use SwatchBoard to take a photo or choose an exisiting photo to create a swatch palette.

  • Create a Palette from Scratch

    Already have something in mind? Create a palette using the SwatchBoard color picker and have options of coodinating colors with SwatchBoard color technology.

  • Save your favorites to the palette library

    Once you love your new color creation. Save it to your swatch library and access all your SwatchBoard creations and their values anytime.

  • Share your swatches with the community

    Share your newly created swatch inspirations with other SwatchBoard users on The Swatch Stream.


SwatchBoard is a color application for the iphone that creates color palettes and generates RGB, CMYK and Hexidemical color values. SwatchBoard is also a has an intergrated social network called the Swatch Stream that allows users to share their created color palettes. SwatchBoard was designed as a group project by Paula Rubman, Christina Hampton and Lauren Trump for the graphic design and digital media program at the University of North Florida. SwatchBoard is not a real iphone application.


  • Coordinate Swatches

    Need Help with finding the right color combo? Find coordinating colors, such as complementary, triad and analogus colors from a single swatch or multiple colors.

  • Share Swatches

    SwatchBoard has social network intergration, so you can share your color palettes with your friends on various social networks, such as Facebook Pinterest, Twitter and our very own SwatchBoard Stream.

  • The Swatch Stream

    Upload your Palette to the Swatch Stream for the design world to see! If you’re in search of a Palette for yourself, you can download them here directly to your Palette Library or have the file emailed directly to you for use on your personal computer.